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Swimming Pool Windows Module


The Swimming Pool Windows Module allows you to calculate the thickness of glass for use as windows in swimming pools/tanks.

After the dimensional characterization of the glass and the definition of the water level (hydrostatic load calculation), you will be given the thickness of the glass and the minimum length of the support to be used to ensure the safety of the system. 

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The development of this module has been taken with consideration of other observations and impositions of:

DIN 18008 (1, 2 e 5)EN 1990 2009

The annual subscription allows the user to automatically calculate the thickness of the glass for swimming pool windows.

With access to the internet, you can use the GTC Web Platform at any time to perform calculations in the browser via PC, Tablet or Smartphone. So this calculation tool is always handy.

Whenever there are updates and new versions of the subscribed modules, you will have access to them free of charge. Thus you will always have access to the latest version.

All subscriptions have a duration of 365 days and may be renewed thereafter.

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